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November 26, 2015
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January 12, 2016

Moving to Whistler– The Last Minute Details

The details of packing are just part of the home-moving process in Whistler. If you’re making a long-distance move, for example, you need to get your car tuned and serviced for the trip (that is, if you aren’t towing it).

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Collect all your important personal possessions from your safe deposit and/or essential records (hard drive backup) to keep them with you during the move, including your valuables Storage Whistler
  • Visit your local post office and report your change of address and arrange for six month`s forwarding service
  • Get hold of school transcripts for your children
  • Notify all utilities to arrange service disconnection. I.e.: Cable, Phone, Internet, Electricity etc. (Don’t forget to collect any deposits)
  • Contact organizations such as Insurance companies, banks, brokerage firms, newspaper and magazine companies you’ve subscribed to (including online), loyalty programs etc. and notify them of the change or address.
  • Travel kit: If you’re traveling cross-country, put together a travel kit inventory list: check book, credit cards, ID cards, flash light, keys, small tools, soap, paper cups, medication, tissues, first aid kit and games for the kids. How about a cooler with cold drinks and snacks?
  • Recruit moving day help and take time off work
  • Hire a babysitter for moving day as you do not want them to be present during the time the movers are unloading Storage Whistlerand loading on to the truck
  • Acquire copies of records from your doctor and dentist or obtain mailing addresses for your doctor and dentist so your new doctors can obtain your files directly. Also a good time to stock up on prescription medicines to last a couple of weeks after your move out date
  • Pack a suitcase for everyone in the family, enough clothes to last a few weeks.
  • The day before your move, gas up the car (if you won’t be towing it) and try to get a good night’s sleep. The process of moving can be very stressful. It’s important to stay focused on the task at hand and give yourself sufficient break times.