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February 10, 2016
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March 15, 2016

Extreme Couponing and Self Storage

Have you ever seen those extreme couponing reality TV shows? It is astonishing how much they buy for so little. It makes you wonder where they store all this?


Should you wish to get into this money saving hobby, there are a few things you need to do to get started.

Start Collecting Coupons

Look for them in the papers, magazines, internet, companies give out loads of coupons for all sorts of items, they often stack, and the rules are not as strict as you may think.

Buy a binder and get organized

Organization is key, you need to know what you are buying, how much and where to get it. Use those baseball card binder pages to better sort your coupons, and use binder tabs to sort the types, “Beauty” “Food” “Office” etc.

Know store policies

Every store has a different set of rules, you don’t want to find out that all your coupons are invalid or do not stack once you are at the register, talk about embarrassing.

Start saving money

Couponing is a means to save, open up a bank account and deposit the savings you made into it, use this money for more important things such as travelling or buying a home.


While this money-saving technique definitely deserves some respect, most people would find it difficult to store a lot of supplies at home or in the garage. Self-storage units can become the perfect way to organize and safely store your stockpile of non-perishables.  Many thousands of families are stockpiling non-perishable goods. We here at Stop and Store are a great solution.