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Security Features Your Self Storage Facility Should Have

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Our number one priority is the safety and security of your goods. It’s important that you make sure the facility that you choose has the right security features to keep your items safe and secure. We have made a little checklist of some important features that you should look for.

Security Features


Proper and strong lighting is key for any outdoor storage facility. This does two things: It deters theft and break ins, and it allows you to see your goods properly and remain safe after dark. Thieves like to work in the darkness, and they are much less likely to break into a facility that is well lit.

Video Surveillance

Nothing beats catching thieves and vandals on camera. Have video cameras setup around the facility brings a sense of security to the users and is a big deterrent for the thieves. It is also very helpful to law enforcement should there be a break in, they can identify the thieves and can be important for any insurance claims as well.


The first line of defense between thieves and your unit is fencing. Finding a storage facility with strong fencing is important and even better with barbed wire on top. This is a sure fire way to stop thieves before they can even think twice.


Secure access to your unit is important. At all of our facilities we have programmed keypads with unique access codes for individuals. No one can get inside without one and on top of this secure code, your unit is outfitted with a lock. These two security measures just add to the safety of your items and not something that should be overlooked.

We at Stop and Store Whistler hope that you take this list into consideration when choosing your next storage facility. As always we recommend ourselves if you are looking for safe and secure storage.